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Travel information Azerbeidzjan : Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus, with approximately 8 million inhabitants and is located on the border of Europe and Asia. It borders on Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Iran. To the east lies the Caspian Sea. Nakhichevan is an enclave of Azerbaijan. On the north side lie the mountains of the Great Caucasus and in the west Lesser Caucasus. Central and southern part are flat, with the rivers Kura and Aras. Further east coastal plains, which lie well below sea level. There is a steppe climate. Only in the west and north is a mountainous climate. On the Absheron peninsula is also the capital Baku, with about 2 million inhabitants. Sightseeing in this port city are the Maiden Tower and Mosque Dzhuma (now a museum of art and carpets). The walled city Icheri Sheker, with the Shirvanshah palace and the Virgin Tower from the 12th century, is on the World Heritage list of UNESCO, like the national park Gobustan, because of its cultural landscape and rock drawings. Other major cities are Barda, Agdam, Sabirabad and Pushkino. Other attractions are the temple of the Fire worship, the park on Absheron, the mausoleum of the Seven Domes in Semaha and forts in Nardaran, Mardkyany and Ramana.

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