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Travel information Cambodia search engines: Cambodia is a country in southeast Asia with more than 14 million inhabitants. The neighboring countries are Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. The kingdom bordering the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea. Central are the fertile alluvial lowlands, with many rivers and the great Tonle Sap lake. Around here, to the frontiers, hills and low mountains. Just to the north first savannas and low-lying hills or 'Phnom', then the foothills of the Himalya. In the coastal areas many mangrove vegetation. There is a tropical monsoon climate with a dry season and wet season, by the humid air of the southwest monsoon. The capital Phnom Penh. It has 1 million inhabitants. Sights are the many temples, the Nur ul-Ihsan Mosque, the An-Nur an-Na'im mosque, the National Museum, the Tuol Sleng museum, Choeung Ek, the National Library of Cambodia and the many markets. Other major cities are Battambang, Kampong rapid, Ban Lung, Siem Reap and Sisophon. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO are Hindu Preah Vihear Temple and the ruins of the Khmer Empire in Angkor. Other attractions are Bokor Hill station, the Ream National Park, seaside resort of Kampot, the limestone caves, Koh Kong, the many waterfalls, Udong, Siem Reap, river towns Kratie and Stung Treng, the Tonle Sap lake and Phnom Chisor.

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