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Travel information Hong Kong insurance: Hong Kong is located in southeast Asia and consists of 236 islands. It has no capital and consists of about 7 million inhabitants. It is, since 1997, a Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China. It is enclosed by the South China Sea and neighboring China. Hong Kong is divided into four areas: economic center Hong Kong Island, the New Territories, with many rural areas, Kowloon Peninsula and the Outlying Islands. Most islands are rocks from the sea stabbing. Hong Kong Island is hilly. Because of the rocky soil, there are few rivers or lakes. Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. There are four seasons and the typhoon season with heavy storms. Hong Kong is known for its many museums, beaches, markets, temples and shopping malls. Further attractions are Wetland Park and Ocean Park, the largest Boedhha image in the world Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong International Airport, the IFC, the 2.2 km long Tsing Ma Bridge, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, The Peak, Discovery Bay and Hong Kong Disneyland .

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