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Travel information Korea (north) : North Korea is a state in north east Asia with about 23.5 million inhabitants. It borders on China, Russia and South Korea. The northern part of the Korean peninsula lies between two seas. To the west of the country lies the Yellow Sea and eastern North Korea has a coastline with the Japanese Sea. The landscape is mountainous, with high peaks and deep valleys. Along the west coast fertile lowlands. The Yalu and Tumen rivers forms the border with China and Russia in the north. There is a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. The capital, Pyongyang has about 3 million inhabitants and is characterized by the communist architecture. The city is full of propaganda in honor of Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il. Places are Jüchen tower, the triumphal arch and the Ryugyong Hotel, the May 1 Stadium, the palace of culture and the cemetery of revolutionary martyrs. Other major cities are Hamhŭng, Hyesan, Kaesong, Sinuiju and the port cities Kimch'aek, Namp'o and Rajin. Furthermore, the industrial city Chongjin and Kaeson the old city with many temples, pagodas and palaces. Just outside this town is the burial of King Kongmin. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO, the complex of Koguryo tombs.

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