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Travel information Kuwait exchange rates: Kuwait is an emirate in the Middle East with around 2.5 million inhabitants. The state of Kuwait is embedded between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In the East, the coastline in the Persian Gulf. There are ten small islands in Kuwait. The landscape consists mainly of desert sand and gravel plains. Kuwait has hardly lakes or rivers. Furthermore, some hills, dunes and oases. The coast is often marshy. The country is therefore not suitable for agriculture. There is a desert climate and it is dry and hot. The capital, Kuwait has about 32,000 inhabitants and the attractions are the ruins of the national museum, the many shopping malls, the Sadu house, with Bedouin art, the Sief Palace, the Tareq Rajab museum and the scientific and historical museum. Other cities are Hawalli, Farwaniya and the city with the most inhabitants, Salimiya. Other attractions are the cities of Al-Ahmadi and Al-Jahra, where the Red Fort is to be seen.

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