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Travel information Kyrgyzstan : Kyrgyzstan is a republic in Asia with more than 5 million inhabitants. In the north it has a long border with Kazakhstan. In the south east lies China. In the south west of the country bordering Tajikistan and Uzbekistan lies in the west. The landscape of Kyrgyzstan consists of high ridges, interspersed with vast valleys and lakes. This is Kyrgyzstan also called the Switzerland of central Asia. The Tian Shan mountain range is the greatest. The largest lake is Issyk Kul. There is a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. The people of Kyrgyzstan were originally a nomadic people. Nowadays they only summers to the plains. Here they let the Yurt (cattle) graze. In winter, most inhabitants live in houses. The capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. Here live some 870,000 inhabitants. The city is home to many tourist attractions such as the Kyrgyz white house, the park-Ala Artsja, statues of Lenin, Froenze and Manas, the victory monument, the many museums and the theater. Other cities are Dzalal-Abad, Batken, Narine, Karakol, Talas and Osh, a city on the Silk Road. Other attractions in the country are the nature reserve around the Issyk Kul lake, the Ala Archa gap and the Fergana valley.

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