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A hotel or hostel is a simple bed rest. Often used where more dormitories and bunk beds are so many people in a room with adults. Often there are also rooms for couples or small groups. Because the facilities in a youth hostel or restricted, the price is often much lower than in hotels. In particular, passengers on a long trip to make use of hostels in order to reduce costs. In this way, backpackers hostels or backpackers often use. The name suggests that only youth hostel youth sleeping. This is not true anymore. There are also frequent older visitors who travel and use of hostels. The hostel is often much information exchanged by visitors and there is a social atmosphere. They exchange tips for sightseeing. It also happens that several other hostels recommend. So if like a hostel than the owner can often recommend a similar hostel in another city or destination. Many visitors of hostels have a corresponding schedule.

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