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Travel information Lebanon : Lebanon is a country north of Israel with 4 million inhabitants. It is also enclosed by Syria and the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape consists of the Lebanon Mountains and the anti-Lebanon mountains, separated by the fertile valley Bekai. The coastal strip is flat, but narrow. The cedar tree is depicted on the national flag and is only found in the Lebanon Mountains. There is a Mediterranean climate. The capital Beirut has 2 million inhabitants and is known as the Paris of the East. Places are Cedar Park, the archaeological museum, the Hamra district, the monument of peace and the boulevard the Corniche. Just outside the city are the caves of Jeita, Farray resort, the Pigeon Rocks and the village of Beit Meri. The city of Tripoli houses many churches and mosques. Other major cities are the historic cities of Sydon and Tyr. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO included the historic towns of Anjar and Tire. The city of Baalbek because of its Roman ruins and the Phoenician city of Byblos. Furthermore, the Qadisha valley with a forest of cedars of God (Horsh Arz el Rab). Other attractions are the monastery Deir el-Qamar, the small town of Beiteddine in the Chouf Mountains and the archaeological site of Temple of Echmoun.

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