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Travel information Macau insurance: Macau is a small island city with 470,000 inhabitants. It is located south of the People's Republic of China. It is a peninsula located in the South China Sea. Macau is governed since 1999 as a special administrative region of China. Macau consists of three islands. Head Island Macau, Taipa and Coloane are interconnected with bridges and dams. The landscape consists mainly of beaches, hills and pine trees. There is a subtropical climate with warm, humid summers and dry, sunny winters. The capital is Macau. The historic center of the city is on the World Heritage list of UNESCO because of its unique blend of European and Asian culture. Places are Bisschops palace at Penha Hill, the facade of the Cathedral of St. Paul, Monte Fort and the Guia Fortress. Furthermore, the many churches, temples, museums and classical Chinese garden of Lou Lim Ieoc. The casinos in Macau are an important part of the economy. Sightseeing on Taipa island, the Un Pou Tai temple, the Macau Jockey Club and the Casa museum in the village of Taipa. On Coloane island, the Tam Kong temple, the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, the parks of Coloane and SEAC Pai Van and the various beaches. The racesport is represented with the grand prize of Macau.

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