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Travel information Maldives : The Maldives is a republic with about 380,000 inhabitants. The archipelago consists of 26 atolls, surrounded by about 1190 coral islands. Most islands are located in the Indian Ocean. There are only 200 inhabited islands and 88 other islands are tourist resorts. The Maldives are located south of India and southwest of Sri Lanka. The Maldives are very flat, the highest point is on land Wingili island and is 2.4 m. The islands consist mainly of coral limestone. The larger islands have small rainforest areas. The sea around Maldives is full of reefs and sandbanks. The reefs that top out above the water forms a part of the many islands. The islands are protected from the surf by high crown reefs. The climate is tropical with high humidity rate. It is governed by the trade winds. The capital of the Maldives is Male. It is located on the island of Male and has 104,000 inhabitants. Sightseeing in the Maldives are the Friday Mosque and the Hukuru mosque. Further attractions are, of course, the white beaches and coral reefs, with beautiful flora and fauna. The island Lankanfushi is very worthwhile, with most facilities on the water.

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