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Travel information Mongolia internet en route: Mongolia is a republic in Central Asia with 3 million inhabitants. The country is trapped between Russia and China. Mongolia is located on the Mongolian plateau. In the north, the tundra and steppe areas, in the south Gobi desert. The northwest is mountainous. Furthermore Mongolia holds many freshwater and saltwater lakes. Mongolia has a continental climate. The capital, Ulaanbaatar has 1 million inhabitants and has attractions as the Museum of Natural History, the mausoleum of statesman Soeche Bator, the winter palace of Bogd Khan and the Ulaanbaatar opera. Furthermore Sükhbaatar square, with statues of Damdin Soeche Bator and Genghis Khan, the Zaisan monuments and GandanKhiid Monastery. Other major cities are Saynshand, Ulaangom, Hovd, Tsjojbalsan, Olgij, Moron, Uliastaj and industrial cities of Erdenet and Darhan. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO listed the cultural landscape of the Orchonvallei and pelvis of Uvs Nuur. Sightseeing in Mongolia are Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, the Khovsgol more, the Erdene Zuu monastery, the landscape in the province Arkhangai, the holy mother rock and the ruins of Karakorum. At the time of Djenghis Khan was the city center and the capital of the Mongol Empire. Further

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