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Travel information Pakistan climate: Pakistan is a country in Asia with 168 million inhabitants. The Islamic republic is on the Indian subcontinent. Neighboring countries are Iran, Afghanistan, China and India. In southern Pakistan has a coastline of the Arabian Sea. In the north it is very mountainous landscape. From here, many rivers flows to the sea, which come together in the Indus. The river flows through central lowlands of Punjab. In the south, the Sindh plain, the Kirthar mountains, deserts and the vast plateau of Baluchistan. There is a largely desert climate, more to the sea is a lot cooler. In the northern mountains, it is colder. In the northeast much rain falls by the southwest monsoon. The capital Islamabad has 550,000 inhabitants and landmarks as the Red Mosque or Lal Masjid, Shah Faisal Mosque and the many bazaars. Other major cities are Karachi, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan, Lahore and Sukkur. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO listed the archaeological ruins in Taxila and Moenjodaro, the historical monuments of Thatta, the Rohtas Fort and the Buddhist ruins in Takhti Bahi and adjacent city remains in Sahri Bahlol. Furthermore, the Fort and Shalamar Gardens in Lahore.

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