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Travel information Papua New Guinea search engines: Papua New Guinea is a parliamentary monarchy in Oceania with nearly 6 million inhabitants. It is located on the eastern part of the island of New Guinea. Indonesia is located west. To the south lies the Gulf of Papua. The country is composed of many islands. New Ireland, New Britain and Bougainville are the most important. They are located in the Bismarckzee, the Solomonzee and the Coral Sea. The landscape is very diverse. Centrally located swampy plains and mountain ranges with rain forests. In the west lies flat grassland. Furthermore, highland valleys, hills, plains and small coastal mangroves. Across the country runs the Sepik River. Some islands are mountainous, small islands are Atoll. There is a tropical climate. It is hot and humid, with little temperature differences. There are two monsoon seasons, the wet season and dry season. The capital Pont Moresby, has slightly more than 190,000 inhabitants and the attractions are the National Capital Botanical Gardens, the Tugubaga Hill, the Craft Market, Ela Beach and Paga Point. Other major cities are Lae, Mt Hagen, Rabaul and Kavienq, with its beautiful bay and the war museum. Furthermore Vanimo, Wabaq and Madanq with the Cultural Center and coral formations and exotic fish.

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