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Travel information Syria : Syria is a country in the middle east with nearly 20 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. The republic borders the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape of Syria is determined by mountains, desert, rugged steppes and a fertile coastal strip along the Mediterranean Sea. The country is dissected by major rivers such as the Orontes and the Euphrates. There is an inland desert climate and the coastal Mediterranean climate. The capital Damascus has 1.6 million inhabitants and is the oldest inhabited city in the world. Sights are the old center, the tomb of General Saladin, the house of Ananias, the Ommajjaden Azam mosque and palace. Other cities are Aleppo and Homs, with the tomb of Khalid ibn Walid. Furthermore Izra, "Ar-Raqqah, Hama, Ma` loula, Saydnaya and modern port city of Latakia. The cities Bosra and Palmyra are on the World Heritage list of UNESCO because of their ruins, the cities of Damascus and Aleppo because of their old historical center. Also, the crusader castles Qalat Salah El-Din and Krak des Chevaliers are on the list. Other attractions are the numerous archaeological sites, the crusader castles, monasteries, castles and the Arab mosque of Aleppo, the Saida Zeinab mosque and the silk route.

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