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Travel information Tajikistan : Tajikistan is a country in Asia with less than 7 million inhabitants. The republic is bordered in the west to Uzbekistan in the north of Kyrgyzstan, in the west to China and in the south of Afghanistan. Tajikistan has two exclaves. The landscape is dominated by mountain ranges, such as the Tian Mountains and the Pamir Mountains. They contain many thriving mountain meadows and lakes, such as Sarezskoye and Karakul. Furthermore bare mountain ridges, valleys, like those of Fergana, and glaciers. Here are born great rivers, such as the Syr Darya, the Pjandsj and Amoe Darya. In the southwestern tropical plains. There is a continental climate in Tajikistan. In the high mountains snow all year round. The capital is Dushanbe. It is in the Histor valley and consists of 560,000 inhabitants. The city is famous for its cotton industry and its communist architecture. Places are the statues of Ismoil Tajikistani somoni and Avicenna, the presidential palace and Rohat teahouse. Furthermore, the parks, the bazaars and museums, including the Museum of Ethnography and Tajikistan Unification museum. Other major cities are Penjikent and Chodzjand, with a very old town. Furthermore Korog, Childara and Murghab with its glaciers. Khojent The city was founded by Alexander the Great. It has the Panchshanbe bazaar, the mosque of Sheikh Massive ad-Din and his mausoleum.

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