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Travel information Turkmenistan : Turkmenistan is a country in Asia with more than 5 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Western republic has a coastline with the Caspian Sea. The landscape is central to the country and in the west determined by the Karakum desert. The east of Turkmenistan is very mountainous and northeastern areas are lower. To the south lie mountain plateaus with steep canyons, but also dry hills and sandy slopes. Off the coast of the Caspian Sea are a number of islands. There is a continental subtropical climate. The capital Ashgabat. The textile city has 770,000 inhabitants. Sightseeing in the city, the Bahai temple, the historical museum, the royal palace and mosque, the Tekke bazaar and the carpet museum. Other major cities are Abadan, Daşoguz, Baýramaly, Balkanabad, Turkmenibat and cotton trading center Mary. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO are the historical and cultural site of the ancient city of Merv, the city Kunya-Urgench and the forts of the Parthians (in Nisa). Other attractions are historical place GeokTeke, Karakom the desert, the caves of Kov-Ata, the Kopete-Dagh mountains, the Firjusa gap, the river Arden-Cave, with an underground lake and the silk route.

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