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Travel information Uzbekistan : Uzbekistan is a republic in central Asia with more than 28 million inhabitants. The country is bordered by Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The landscape is determined by the central deserts, the Ust-Joertplateau in the west, the southern hill landscapes and steppes. In the east, the mountain chains and the Fergana valley. Furthermore, three major lakes and rivers. The climate is continental and very severe dry. The capital Tashkent has 2 million inhabitants. Tashkent was formerly an important point on the Silk Road between Europe and Asia. Places are the Alisher Navoi Theater, Khast Imam mosque, the Amir Temur monuments, recreation Boghi ERAM, central market Oloy Bozori, the Chorsu Bazaar, the various mausoleums. The city Nurata, with the remnants of the military fortress of Alexander the Great and Baysun with many old traditions. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO included the historic centers of the cities Buchara, Sachrisabz and Khiva (Itsjan Kala), "the crossroads of cultures" the city of Samarkand, the square with three Registran madrassas, the Bibi Khanum, the old cemetery Shah-i-Zinda and Gur-e Amir, the mausoleum of Timoer Lenk. Other attractions are the silk route, Sarmisch-Say, with 5000 rock drawings from the Bronze Age and the tragic city Moynak to the dried Aral lake.

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